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  • Le plan chinois d'ensemencement des nuages Himalayens est bien de la géo-ingénierie - involontaire ou non

    Le « Sky River » sur le plateau tibétain est le plus grand projet de modification de la météo de tous les temps, des dizaines de milliers de chambres de combustion sont prévues

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  • International Solidarity

    Given the fact that “poverty (economically but also socially, culturally, …) is increasing throughout the world ” and that “ globalization increases the interdependence between human beings, the state and economies ”, international solidarity consists in taking into account the reality of these inequalities, in the understanding of the causes and in acting to fight against those inequalities. Everyone can be involved: public authorities, territorial collectivity, companies, medias, labor (...)

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  • Food Sovereignty

    According to the definition that the “Via campesina” managed to impose during the world's food summit (Rome, 1996), “food sovereignty is based on peoples' right to define their own agricultural and food politics without dumping other countries [1]”. It's complementary, or even different, from the concept of “food security” promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (...)

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  • Think Tank

    The expression « Think Thank » refers to a group of people within some sort of laboratory of reflection center, leading research on the economic, social, politics issues.
    The outlines of this notion are still rather blurry despite the vulgarization of the expression. As a matter of fact, the reference and use of the word "think tank" are far more common in the Anglo-Saxon tradition than in France, even though we can observe a form of institutionalization of the trend. [1]
    Other than the (...)

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